Claw Clip Size Guide

Flirty Pineapple Claw Clip Size Guide

We are proud to offer three distinct claw clip sizes - basic, next level, extra XL - that accommodate all hair types and thicknesses. 

Sizing Chart

Clip Size Average Length

3 inches
(7.5 cm)

Next Level

4 inches
(10 cm)

Extra XL
5 inches
(12.5 cm)


Flirty Pineapple Claw Clip Size Guide


Our basic claw clips are perfect for thin, fine, and short hair. If you have medium to thick hair, they work great in a half-up hairstyle. They are lightweight, so they won't pull on your hair.

Claw Clip Size Guide - Basic Claw Clips

Next Level

Our Next Level Claw Clips are great for medium to thick hair. They are lightweight, and the flat yet curved bottom gives all-day comfort and hold!

Claw Clip Size Guide - Next Level Claw Clips

Extra XL

If you have a lot of hair, this clip is for you! Designed to hold the thickest of hair, this clip will keep your hair in place for hours! 

Flirty Pineapple Extra XL Claw Clips

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