Rooted in exceptional quality, we provide hair care accessories that spark self-confidence and convenience, while bringing together a community of like-minded people.

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The Flirty Pineapple Difference

We create products that make you feel better about yourself and create a more efficient life. We want you to feel supported, celebrated and beautiful!

What People Are Saying

Honestly, I couldn't think of a single complaint about Flirty Pineapple scrunchies! They are the only ones that have ever stayed tight for longer than a week and they feel just as tight after a month of wearing them as they did the first day I got them!

Quinn B.

They are the best quality I have ever found and know the time and effort both Liam and Madison put into each and every scrunchie.

Tamara F.

As somebody who likes scrunchies, I really was drawn to Flirty Pineapple after my first purchase because I felt like a valued customer. I continue to support and am able to find hair products with the right material and size that fit my hair type. 

Tylynne M.