About Flirty Pineapple

Our Story

I struggled to find quality hair accessories that would hold her hair securely. My fiancé, Liam, borrowed his mom's 1973 sewing machine and taught himself to sew. After months of testing scrunchies on a variety of hair types, Flirty Pineapple was born.

Over the last few years, we have worked to create functional, fashionable and affordable hair accessories.

Today, Flirty Pineapple stands for more than just hair care. We're on a mission to provide luxury hair accessories that spark self-confidence and convenience. At our core, we're cultivating a community where everyone feels supported, celebrated and beautiful.

Thank you for being here,

ps - we just got engaged and are currently planning our wedding, too!

Our Values

Rooted in Community

In addition to going the extra mile to ensure each product is crafted to perfection, we are dedicated to engaging with our customers at every stage of your journey. 

High Quality Products

We do not settle. We use the highest quality materials and offer a variety of textures to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Spark Confidence from an Inside-Out Approach

Simply put, we spark joy in our customers. We provide products that make you individually feel more confident. This self-confidence and connection has a domino effect that has created a community of empowered women. 

Breaking Gender Norms

We encourage you to be yourself and break stereotypical gender norms! This is the very core of our business with Liam doing most of the sewing and Madison running the business as CEO!