‘Tis the Season to Up Your Scrunchie Game

Flirty Pineapple Winter Collection

Introducing our Winter Collection!

Inspired by some of our favourite winter beverages, this collection was designed to help keep you warm and cozy during the colder temperatures. We focused on deep, warm colours and super soft fabrics to keep your hair back, or your wrist warm.

The best part of this collection? These scrunchies are timeless and can be worn beyond the holiday season!

Champagne Shimmer Scrunchie

 Flirty Pineapple Champagne Shimmer scrunchie

Anything is possible with a little lipstick, champagne, and a cute scrunchie. While holiday parties may be a bust this year, this shimmering scrunchie will jazz up any virtual event. And, in our opinion, this scrunchie pairs perfectly with gold or silver.

Evergreen Tea Scrunchie

Flirty Pineapple Evergreen Tea scrunchies

Whether you're sipping the tea or spilling it, this scrunchie will be all the talk. While this scrunchie is great for the holiday season, like an evergreen tree, it’s bound to grow on you throughout the year.

Gingerbread Latte Knit Scrunchie

Flirty Pineapple Gingerbread Latte Scrunchies

It’s never too early to start celebrating the holidays with our knit Gingerbread Latte scrunchie. We love this textured scrunchie a latte – it’s the perfect winter touch to any outfit.

Hot Cocoa Taupe Scrunchie

Flirty Pineapple Hot Cocoa Scrunchies

Whether you're relaxing by the fire, or dressing up for a night out, warm up your outfit with this taupe scrunchie. Named for our favourite winter beverage because who doesn’t love hot cocoa, especially with a little Baileys, right?!

Mulled Wine Red Scrunchie

Flirty Pineapple Mulled Wine scrunchies

It’s officially mulled wine weather! Spice up any outfit with this deep red scrunchie. It’s soft, cute, and perfect for the holiday season (and beyond).

Starry Night Black Sparkle Scrunchie

Flirty Pineapple Starry Night scrunchie

It’s time to sparkle and shine. This black glitter scrunchie is bound to make you twinkle like the brightest star in the night sky. It’s the perfect piece to subtly liven up any outfit!


Flirty Pineapple Starry Night scrunchie 

We hope you love our winter collection! Let us know which one is your favourite.


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